Annual Officers Sports & Cultural Meet 2016

It has been decided with the approval of GM/NCR to hold the 5th Sports and Cultural Meet for the officers of North Central Railway and their families from 9th April to 11th April 2016 (Saturday , Sunday & Monday).

Organizing Committee (OC) has been constituted by GM/NCR for conducting the event:-
1. President : Sh. Y.P.Singh, AGM
2. Vice-President-1 : Sh. M Garhwal, President, ROC, President NCR Cultural Association & CSTE
3. Vice-President-2 : Sh. G.C.Budhalakoti, V.President, ROC & CME.
4. General Org. Secy. : Sh. Ajoy Sadany, Secy, ROC & DIG/RPF
5. Org. Sports Secy. : Sh. Alok Kumar, secy to PCE
6. Assistant Sports Secy. : Sh. Bahadur Prasad, ASO
7. Org. Cultural Secy. : Sh. Bijay Kumar, CPRO, NCRWWO & Sh. Vivek Prakash, Dy. CPO/IR.
8. Treasurer : Sh. Amritanshu, Dy. FA&CAO/G
In addition to the main organizing Committee, following other officers have also been nominated for organizing various activities:
1. Accommodation : Sh. Anil Dwivedi, Secy. to GM
2. Transportation : Sh. S.S. Negi, Dy. GM(G)
3. General arrangements : Shri R.J.Chaubey, Dy CME and Shri Mahabal Singh Dy.CVO
4. Medical : Shri Dr. S. Nayak DMO
The sporting events which will be conducted, and their nominated officer in- charges are as follows:-
A. TENNIS: Officers Incharge : Sh. Dinesh Verma, Dy. CSTE/IRPMU.
: Sh. Vijay Singh, Dy. CE/CON/ALD
1. Mens's Singles
2. Mens' Doubles
3. Mens' Singles (Veterans-Above 50 years)
4. Sr. Boys' Singles (>12 years)
5. Sr. Girls' Singles (>12 years)
6. Jr. Boys / Girls singles (< 12 years)
B. BADMINTON- Officers Incharge : Sh. Rajeev Ranjan, Dy CE/Br : Sh. Nitin Garg, XEN/TP.
1. Mens' Singles
2. Mens' Doubles
3. Mens' Singles - Veterans (Above 50 years)
4. Mens' Doubles - Veterans (Above 50 years)
5. Ladies' Singles
6. Ladies' Doubles
7. Mixed Doubles
8. Mixed Doubles (For PHODs)
9. Jr. Boys' Singles (<12 years)
10. Sr. Boys' Singles (>12 years)
11. Jr. Girls' Singles (<12 years)
12. Sr. Girls' Singles (>12 years)
C. TABLE TENNIS: Officer Incharge : Sh Mudit Chandra, Dy.CVO
: Sh Rajesh Gupta, Dy.CPO/G
1. Mens' Singles
2. Mens' Doubles
3. Mens' Singles - Veterans (Above 50 years)
4. Ladies' Singles
5. Mixed Doubles
6. Jr. Boys' Singles (<12 years)
7. Sr. Boys' Singles (>12 years)
8. Jr Girls' Singles (<12 years)
9. Sr. Girls' Singles (>12 years)
D. BILLIARDS: Officer Incharge : Sh D. K. Pandey, Dy CE/CD
: Sh Vivek Prakash, Dy CPO/IR
1. Mens / Women
2. Sr. Boys'/Girls (>12 years)
E. CHESS: Officer Incharge : Sh Vivek Prakash, Dy CPO/IR
: Sh Swami Prakash Pandey, Sr. FA/Hqrs.
1. Officers
2. Spouses
3. Boys
4. Girls
F. CRICKET: Officer Incharge : S.Kapil, CTPM
: Vijay Kumar, PS-I/PCE
1. ALD Division will host matches with JHS Division and Hq.
2. JHS Division will host matches with AGC Division and Hq
3. AGC Division will host matches with ALD and Hq
4. Headquarters will be hosting finals during the meet.
5. NOTE: The preliminary matches should be complete by 10th Mar 2016.
G. ATHELETICS: Officer Incharge : Sh.Sunil Gupta, DY.CE/TMC
: Sh.Asad Sayeed, Secy. to CAO/C
1. Mens' 100 mtrs.
2. Ladies' 100 mtrs
3. Mens' 3 km walk (less than 50 Yrs.)
4. Mens' 3 km walk - Veterans (More than 50 Yrs.)
5. Ladies 3 km walk (less than 50 Yrs.)
6. Ladies 3 km walk - Veterans (More than 50 Yrs.)
7. Mens' 4x100 mtrs relay
8. Ladies 4x100 mtrs relay
9. Jr. Boys' 100 mtrs (<12 years)
10. Jr. Girls' 100 mtrs (<12 years)
11. Sr. Boys' 100 mtrs (>12 years)
12. Sr. Girls 100 mtrs (>12 years)
H. SWIMMING (New Event) : Officer Incharge : Sh Manish Kumar Dy CVO/M
: Sh Dr. S. Nayak DMO
1. Mens' 50 mtrs
2. Ladies' 50 mtrs
3. Mens' Veteran: 50 mtrs. (More than 50 Yrs.)
4. Ladies Veteran: 50 mtrs (More than 50 Yrs.)
5. Jr. Boys' 25 mtrs (<12 years)
6. Jr. Girls' 25 mtrs (<12 years)
7. Sr. Boys' 50 mtrs (>12 years)
8. Sr. Girls 50 mtrs (>12 years)
I. CULTURAL : Officer Incharge : Sh Bijay Kumar CPRO
: Sh Vivek Prakash Dy CPO/IR
1. Antakshari (New Event)
(a) Officers & Spouse (Group of Maximum 4)
(b) Children (Group of Maximum 4)
2. Solo Dance (<15 years)
3. Solo Dance (>15 years)
4. Group Dance (<15 years)
5. Group Dance (>15 years)
6. Instrumental
7. Vocal (<15 years)
8. Vocal (>15 years)
9. Vocal (> 50 years)
10. Vocal (For PHODs)
11. Skit and Mimicry
For Vocal and Solo Dance, Male and Female category will be separate.
  • As nominated by General Manager there will be an Apex dispute resolving committee consisting of CPO, SDGM, PCE & FA&CAO.
  • In all events for participants in Jr. Category (<12 / < 15), birth certificate will be attached at the time of entries. The age will be taken as on 18.03.2016 i.e. on the day of start of the events.
  • All officers, their spouses and dependent children are eligible for participation in events. This also applies to Railway officers on deputation but posted within NC Railway jurisdiction.
  • There will be four participating units:
    Headquarter: All officers posted in Hqrs. including construction (Hq and field officers posted at ALD) , Central Hospital and Officers on deputation posted at ALD.
    ALD Division: All officers of ALD Division and extra divisional units falling in its jurisdiction except posted at ALD.
    JHS Division: All officers of JHS division, JHS & STLI W/S and extra divisional units falling in its jurisdiction.
    AGC Division: All officers of Agra Division, IRPMU/DLI Officers posted in Delhi and extra divisional units falling in its jurisdiction.
  • There will be 02 shields:- One for sports and the other for cultural, which will be decided based on the collective points scored by the units. Following points will be given to units for getting first, second and third position in an event:-
    1st position - 15 points
    2nd position - 10 points
    3rd position - 5 points
    For cricket, 50 points will be for 1st position, 30 points for 2nd position.
  • An event will be organised only if minimum 3 entries are there. If entries are upto 6, only first and second prize will be given.
  • In a particular event that is organised, points will be counted for overall shield only if there are at least two units participating in that event.
  • Maximum 3 entries in each event from a participating unit will be allowed. For short-listing the entries these events may be held in headquarters and divisions and all the entries may be sent latest by 10.03.2016
  • The other conditions will be as follows:-
    a. Sports meet
    1. An individual will be allowed to take part in not more than 3 category of sports (athletics and cricket are exceptions) viz. tennis, badminton etc. However, he/she can take part in any number of event in that particular category e.g. singles, doubles & mixed doubles etc. This restriction is imposed to avoid the possibility of holding up of the events due to engagement of the participants in another sport.
    2. In tennis and badminton, all the events of different category upto semi final will have one game only. The final and the game for 3rd place will be decided on the basis of "Best of three Games". In Table Tennis, all the events of different category upto semi final will have three games only. The final and the game for 3rd place will be decided on the basis of "Best of five games".
    3. Dependent children as per pass rule will only be allowed to participate in the sports events. Definition of Men, Ladies, Sr. Boys/Girls and Jr. Boys/Girls will be as under:-
    i. Men: Male officers and Spouse of female officers
    ii. Ladies: Female officer and Spouse of male officers
    iii. Sr. Boys/Girls: Dependent Children of officers of age above 12 years as on 18.03.2016
    iv. Jr. Boys/Girls: Children of officers of age up to 12 years as on 18.03.2016.
    4. Entries for the each event from all participating units should be sent in the sequence of ranking of the eligible players for fixing the matches of balance level.
    5. Necessary sports kits will have to be brought by the participants. The Organizers will supply only consumable items like balls, shuttle cock etc.
    6. All the sports will be played with the ruling of International level.
    b. Cultural meet:-
    1. Maximum time limit will be 10 minutes for skit and 5 minutes for remaining events. Synthesizer, Tabla and Harmonium will be provided by the organizer. The other instruments for performance in the category instrumental should be brought by the participants.
    2. Antakshari:- Each team will consist of maximum 4 players (Both Male & Female)
  • DRM's may nominate one nodal officer each for sports & cultural events, who will directly coordinate with general organizing secretary. This nomination may be intimated at the earliest.
  • A contribution of Rs. 100/- will be made by each participating officer for participation of himself/his family members in the sports & cultural meet 2016. The nodal officer of the division will collect the same and send the same along with Entry Forms.
  • The detailed instructions about the Entry form, modalities for various events will be issued by the organizing sports and cultural secretary in their respective fields.
  • The above mentioned events may be held in Headquarters and divisions to short list the candidates and all the entries must be sent latest by 10.03.2016.
  • Special Casual Leave and duty pass to officers, may be issued as per extant rules considering this meet as inter - divisional tournament.