Find Details of Bye-Laws for Members

  1. Members may bring any particular guest to the club, not more than twice a month at a charge of Rs. 1/- per head per day. Beyond this the charge will be Rs. 5/- per head per day after specific written permission of Secy./President of the Club.

  2. A guest book shall be maintained in the premises of the club and each guest visiting the club shall sign his name in this book before entering the club violation of this rule can result in fine or suspension of the membership.
  1. The club premises may be allotted for any official functions organized by the Railway Administration. Such permission shall only be given by the Managing Committee.
  2. Dogs will not be brought into the club building.
  3. Any member having complaint against any of the club servants shall report the matter to the Honorary Secretary, and the said member shall not proceed to deal with the servant directly.
  4. Any member or his family misbehaving the club premises or disturbing the harmony of the club shall be liable to termination of his membership at the discretion of the Managing Committee.
    1. Loss or damages or club property shall be charged for at the existing market replacement rates.
    2. On any matters not covered by the rules, the decision of the Managing Committee will be binding, till the matter is decided at general body meeting.
    3. A copy of these rules shall be furnished to each member of the officer's club. The member joining the club shall be considered as equivalent to his accepting each and all these rules as binding upon himself.
    4. All rule conserving Non-Railway persons using the club shall require personal approval of G.M. North Central Railway.