Find Details For Membership

  1. Membership shall be open to Gazetted Officers(serving and retired) of the Indian Railways, and (of the Ministry of Railways).
  2. Members shall be classified as under:-
    1. Regular Members:
      Railway Officers(serving or retired) residing in ALD will be entiled to become regular members on payment of Rs. 500/- as entrance fee. The rate of monthly subscription will be Rs. 500/- P.M.
      DFC members have to Pay Rs. 400/- P.M.
    2. Out station Members:
      1. A Railway Officer living outside ALD may join the Club as on outstation member after paying the admission fee of Rs. 500/- and an annual subscription of Rs. 500/-. Similiarly, if an exsiting member is transferred of ALD, he may continue his membership as an outstation member after paying an annual sub-scription of Rs. 500/- if a person on transfer service his connections with the club, then or re-admission he would be required pay the full admission fee of Rs. 500/-
      2. Members joining on or brfore then 15th of a month shall be charged full subscription for the month, but those joining after the 15th shall pay half the subscription.
      3. An Officer whose membership ceases on reservation from a gazetted post shall not be required to pay an entrance fee on his re-admission as a member.
      4. The membership fee shall entitle the wives of members, and their children & dependents to the use of the Club.
      5. The Monthly subscription shall cover only the use of the Club premises and the normal amenties provided. Extra charges shall be levied from all classes of members for extra amenities, at the discretion of the Managing Committee.
      6. A Member shall give notice in writing to withdraw from the club and his name shall be removed from the list of Members from the date of receipt of such notice, provided all claims, by the Club have been paid.
      7. All club dues from serving Railway officers should be deposited in cash iwth Treasurer before 1th of the Month.

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