Managing Committee

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  1. Excepting for the President, the manging Committee shall be elected at the General Meeting in April ever alternative year and shall consist of hte following Members:-
    1. President (Shall be nominated by GM).
    2. Vice President.
    3. Secretary.
    4. Jt. Secretary.
    5. Treasurer.
    6. Member.
    7. Member.
    8. Member.
    9. Member.
    They Shall Co-opt two ladies in hte Committee to assist them.
  2. The Managing Committee shall be responsible for the general administration of the club and shall be empowered to sanction expenditure there with. Accounts are to be kept of all Money received and expended by the Club. The Committee shall appoint Auditors for auditing th eannual accounts of hte club. The Auditor may be form amongst the members.
  3. The Managing Comittee shall meet as often as considered necessary by the President and Honorary Secretarty, but not less requently than once in two months. Five memebrs of hte Committee shall form the quorum for meeting of the Committee.
  4. The Managing Committee may arrange for the appointment, by election or otherwise of sub-committees consisting of life or regular members and their wives, to which it may delegate such of its duties as it may deem fit.
  5. In the event of Managing Committee Member terminating his membership, the Managing Committee may co-opt another member on the Committee till the next general elections.