Duties of Office-bearers

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Duty List of New Management Committee
  1. The President shall be nominated by the General Manager, North Central Railway. He will keep the General Manager advised about he functioning of the Club.
  2. The General Manager may be any time dissolve the Managing Committee or replace any of the office-brearers, if he considers it necessary.
  3. The president shall preside at the General Manager and at all meetings of the managing committee and shall keep himself informed of the activities of hte club.
  4. The Vice-President shall discharge the duties of the President in the later absence.
  5. The Hony. Secretary shall:-
    1. Be responsible for the routine administration of the affairs of the club
    2. Convene General meeting and meetings of the managing committee with the approval of the Presidnet, and maintain a record of the proceedings of these meetings.
    3. Maintain up-to-date membership register of the association.
    4. Be responsible for the safe custody and maintenance of all the properties of the club.
    5. Be generally responsible for enforcement of the rule of the club.
  6. The Treasurer shall be responsible:-
    1. For the accounts of hte club and shall at each Managing Committee meering submit the accounts for hte preceding month or months, as the case may be
    2. For sending the account for audit in the first week of April each year to duly appointed Auditors and for presenting the same at the Annual General Meeting
    3. For supplying a copy of the audited balance sheet to all memerbs, four days in advance of the Annual General Meeting
    4. For keeping the book of accounts which shall be open to the inspection by the members subject to any reasonable restrictions as to time and manner of inspecting the same that may be imposed by the Committee.
  7. The members of the Managing Committee shall be responsible for the proper discharge of the duties assigned to them and shall submit reports on the work done by them at the meetings of the Managing Committee.