Governing Council

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  1. The name of the club shall be RAILWAY OFFICERS' CLUB(ROC)

  2. The Object of the club shall be:-
    1. To promote healthy corporate social life amongst the members and their families and also to develop social welfare activities.
    2. The General Manager of the North Central Railway shall be the Patron of the Club.
  3. The election of the various posts of the Club Committee was conducted by the President/ROC and by consensus of the members present the committee was finalized to be as follows:
    a. President CCM
    Sh. M.N. Ojha, President,
    Contact: 0532-2230792
    b. Secretary CPRO
    Sh. Bijay Kumar
    Mb: 9794835953
    c. Treasurer Dy.FA&CAO/TA
    Dr. S.P.Pandey, Dy.FA&CAO/TA
    d. Jt. Secretary Dy. CCM/G
    Sh. Vipin Kumar Singh
    Mb: 9794835967
    d. Cultural Secy Dy. CPO/IR
    Sh. Abhishek Ranjan
    Mb: 9794835607
    e. Sports Secy Secy to PCE & Dy. CE
    Sh. Sachin Verma
    Mb: 9794835214
    f. Dy. Sports Secy PS to PCE
    Sh. Vijay Kumar
    Mb: 9794835257
    h. Library Incharge XEN/TP
    Sh. Nitin Garg
    i. Executive Members


    Sh. Paramanand-9794835402
    Sh. M.N. Ojha-9794835951
    Sh. S.S.Nayak-9794837513
    Sh. N.S.Pangtey-9794835102