TV Room

Providing Facilty of TV Room

TV Room

Club Having an entertainment TV Room with DTH Connection

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TV Room Rules

When an adult is in the room, the adult gets to decide what to watch. 1.When there is no adult present, the child with seniority gets to decide what to watch.
2.Seniority isn't based on age ----- it's based on who's been in the TV room the longest.
3.Once you leave the room, for any reason (bathroom, to get something to drink, because you were ordered to), you lose your seniority and it goes to the next child who's been in the room the longest.
4.However, the channel cannot be changed (by a child) in the middle of a program. You must wait until the end of whatever's currently being watched. (This rule was the last one we figured out. We figured it out the first time one of us left the room in the middle of a show and another child immediately jumped up and changed the channel.)